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Sri Ashwatha Narasimha temple and Vijaya DaSara Katte

Sri Ashwatha Lakshmi Narasimha temple is very pictures and beautiful temple situated near the banks of river TungaBhadra and a big Ashwatha Vruksha surrounding the temple premises makes it even more beautiful. Rightly so because this historic temple is established by Sri Sri Sripada Rayaru and he also planted the Ashwatha VruKsha some 600 years back even before Sri Vijayadasaru could take birth in this village. It is understood that Sri SriPada Rayaru had founded this temple keeping in vision that Sri Dasaru will be taking birth in this place.

It is due to the blessings of sri Ashwatha Narasimha that , AraLLamma and Srinivas Archar( the parents of vijaya dasaru ) gave birth to sri vijaya dasaru.

The above picture shows Sri vijaya Dasara katte and aswatha vruksha and sri Ashwatha lakshmi Narasimha temple

Here, NaraSimha Jayanti is celebrated in VaiShakHa MaaSa for all the three days and this is also one such event apart from Aradhane which every one attends with much devotion. The rituals such as the birth day celebration of Narasimha Devaru and the marriage with goddesses Lakshmi are performed during the Jayanti and the following day the god is taken to the TungaBhadra River for the Holy Bath. Many people attend this event and then the holy water and the oil applied to the deity is given to all the devotees for performing auspicious AbhyanJana SnaaNa.

picture of Sri Sripada Rajaru established Sri Ashwatha narasimha temple located above sri vijaya Dasara Katte

During JayanTi ,Anna SanTarPane seva is performed for two days by Sri Hanumesh Rao Kulkarni and family who are native of chikalparvi and one day Anna SantaRpane Seva is performed by DaaSaRa VamshiKaru..
This place(temple PraKaara) is called Vijaya DaaSara Katte as Sri Dasaru used to do TapaSSu on this Katte and AlaNkaaRa is done to the AshWatha VruKsha during AraDhane symbolizing that Dasaru is in this place doing TapaSSu.


At 3:19 AM, Blogger Das M J said...

Dear readers,

there is one mistake for this posting. Sri Vijayadasaru's mothers name is kusamma , and his wife's name is Aralamma.

Quote from the blog

It is due to the blessings of sri Ashwatha Narasimha that , AraLLamma and Srinivas Archar( the parents of vijaya dasaru ) gave birth to sri vijaya dasaru.


the mothers name is kusamma not Aralamma...

-Das m j

At 4:53 AM, Blogger sudha said...

i need to know some places where i can get aswath vriksha in bangalore.please help meeeeeeeeeeee.

At 4:54 AM, Blogger sudha said...

please help me to get Aswatha Vriksha
in bangalore

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

There is a sacred holy ashwath vruksha place on the of banks of river bhima in Maharashtra called as SHRI GOVINDRAJ KATTE.In it sheath vruksha is along with neem tree in same rooting.
Very auspicious place worshipped by maharshi AGASTHYA.IN FRONT OF VRUKSHA DEITY OF Lord hanumanth mukhyaprana along with Ganesh and shesha Naga and Shiva appears in dome and sthana debate is is worshipped by UMARJI OR UMARJIKAR FAMILY AS KULADEVATA.ALL VILLAGES AROUND HAVE GREAT BHAKHTHI AND WORSHIP THE GOVINDRAJ KATTE.
There are many stories for this.nearest
Place bhandarkavthe near solapur and accecible from vijaypur me on 9422459284 Jaideep v.umarjikar for more info.9096416039.


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