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Sri Vijaya Dasara Aradhane and how it is performed in Chikalparvi,his birth place

Aradhane is performed in grand scale for all three days in the ShukLa PakSha of Kaartika Maasa ,namely Navami ,dashami and Dwadashi with at most devotion. During the Aradhane,PaaraYaNa of all the 500 plus SamaGra Suladi's of Vijaya Dasaru and HariKathaMruThaSara of Sri Jagannatha dasaru is performed. This process usually kicks of a week before aradhane and will follow through out the event. In the course of time , some learned souls have blessed all of us with Adhyatmic discourses over centuries and it is still going along with the same zeal and passion.Raichur district in general and as a result Chikaparvi is indeed blessed being in the company of learned souls who did great KruShi in Dasa Sahitya and especially in SulaaDis(very distinct literary work which is composed with an aim to make people understand the principles of Dwaita philosophy in depth ).Time and again these people have had paid visits to chikalparvi regularly to attend aradhane.some of the names of these PraTaha SmaRaNiYaRu which i should mention, who have paved the way for Adhyatmic knowledge here are as follows...

1) Late Sri SulaaDi Kuppe Rayaru
2) late Sri Shama Sundara Dasaru,Ballatagi
3) Late Sri SirVar RamaChar Mutya
4) Late Sri Venkat Rao Vakil,sindhanoor
5) Late Sri Srinivas Rao,Marchad
6) Late Sri KhajanDaar Raghavendra Rao,Raichur
7) Sri Gaurd Ramachandra Rao(S.G),Srinivas Nagar,Bangalore

to name a few...

it is indeed my privilege to have born and brought up listening to these learned souls in chikalparvi.

During Madhya Aradhane and Uttara Aradhane, Anna SanTarpane Seva is performed by Dasara Vamshikaru. Since few years, PooRva Aradhane Anna SanTarpane seva is given to Sri Lakshmi Narayana Shetty of Manvi upon request.

Important things during Aradhane...

1) AlankaaRa: Alankara to Vijayadasaru is performed in the Ashwatha Vruksha which is a real treat to watch. During this time ,special Pooja to Sri Ashwatha lakshmi Narasimha is performed and Alankaara is also performed for all the days during Aradhane.

2) PallaKKI Seva: PallaKKi Seva is performed in the evening. During this time Taaratamya Bhajane is done along the Prakaara of the Temple. During this time Tottilu Seva to Vijayadasaru is performed.

3)Gopala Seva: During Madhya ARaDhane, Grama PradakShine of the Chikalparvi Village is done by Dasara Vamshikaru along with all the Bhakta Vrunda by singing Devara Haadugalu.In this Pavitra Gopala Seva which is done in order to symbolize the way Sri Vijayadasaru used to go for pavitra Bhiksha to all the homes to collect SahiTya(food grains) for his daily needs. Here people give Bhiksha in the form of Akki and any Dhravya that they want to do it as Seva to vijaya Dasaru and it is spent for the Aradhane celebrations.

Please note that this is the only way any one who wishes can offer there Seva in Chikalparvi for Aradhane celebrations. that is ,they need to offer there Seva in this pavitra Gopala seve which is performed only on Madhya Aradhane.Here no kind of PaTTi or what so ever is carried out for the Aradhane and all the expenses are carried out entirely by Dasara Vamshikaru by the kind grace of Sri Hari Vayu GurugaLu and Sri Vijaya Dasaru.

Any one found collecting any funds in the name of Chikalparvi Aradhane, then please do not encourage them and i urge u to bring it to the notice of this blogger.

It is important to note that not only Brahmins take part in offering Gopala Seva but few people from other casts like Vaishyas also offer Akki to the Gopala Seve which is of significance in Chikalparvi which is carried out since ages.

KaaRtiKa MaaSa Snana:KaaRtika Snana which is found to be very auspicious can be performed in the river Tungabhadra.Throught out the event ,all the important kaartika Maasa related rituals are performed. There is also a place called sri Vijayadasara Gundu in the River where Sri dasaru used to perform Tapassu.

Ekaadashi JaaGaRane : This is one of the event which every one looks forward to in chikalparvi during aradhane. The day following Madhya Aradhane (dashami) happens to be ekadaShi and in the night TaraTamya bhajane is performed through out the night.The rarest of the rare songs which are sung for centuries can be listened coming here. All most every one takes part in this programme and at the end HarivaNa seva is performed.

On following day, that is UttHana DwaDashi, pooja and Teerhta Prasada seva as part of Uttara Aradhane is performed and at the same day TulaSi Vivaaha is also performed.

Sri Vijaya dasa KaRaaRchita PraTiMaaRchaNe: This pooja will be usually performed a day before the beginning of PooRva Aradhane where VijayaDaaSa KaRaaRchita Srinivasa Devaru,Sri Devi ,Bhu Devi and other Pratime's pooja is performed in Dasara Mane(birthplace where these VigRaha's are kept,see the picture down the blog).


At 12:20 AM, Blogger Kale said...

Thanks for the beautiful information. I am really indebted to you for all this.

At 6:15 AM, Blogger paddy said...

Suladi Kupperayaru is a great name in preserving and publishing Suladis of Vijayadasaru. He knew all of them by memory to speak on an Ekadashi day from 6 to 6am. my elder sister who has seen him has his photo in her house and speaks with reverence to him. He ia next only to G Hanumantarao, who published dasaru's suladees for the first time. Unfortunately we forget them!

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Vinayaraj said...

Thank u, thanks a lot, its a way to someone who want to go in Saadhanaa Way


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