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Things to see in chikalparvi-Saane Kallu,Gange yannu tanDa Bindige,Shivalinga all three brought from Kaashi which are kept in Dasara Mane

Historical significance: once, while performing Shradha Karma of his father, Sri vijaya dasaru invited all the Brahmins to his home to have Teertha Prasada. After performing all the rituals , he said to the assembled Brahmins that he will perform the Pinda PraDana in Kaashi and come back. Hearing this people gathered there took his words lightly and asked how can he go to Kaashi from Chikalparvi and come back. Sri Vijaya dasaru took a plunge into the Tungabhadra river and emerged from Ganga in Kaashi and after doing Pinda PradaNa there he again took a dip in Kaashi and emerged out from the TungaBhadra River in Chikalparvi.As mark to show that he indeed visited Kaashi ,he brought SaaNe KaLLu,IsHwara Linga,and Ganga from there and showed it to all the assembled people in his home. Just goes to show how ApaRoKsha GyanaNi and Devata Purusha he is who had all the SamPoorNa AnuGraha of Sri Hari...

U can see the Sane Kallu and Bhava Chitra of Vijaya Dasaru in this picture.

And now:

Every one who comes to chikalparvi takes the Darshan of Saane Kallu kept in his home and it is believed that by taking Akki which is placed in Saanekallu and using it in there home, any kind of VyaaDhi(illness) will be cured. Any Kind of Udara ShuuLe is believed to be cured. Every year thousands of devotees come here and take Akki Placed from Saane Kallu.

Kolar Ram Rao Vakil of Bellary whose wife was ailing from Udara Shoole and all the doctors could not help her cure this illness. Finally she came to chikalparvi and took this Akki from Sane Kallu and all her illness was cured. This is one such small incidence which goes to show the devine power of Sri Vijaya Dasaru.

And very recently, some twenty five years back, when a thief entered Dasara Mane to steal the valuables and other things, he lost his eye sight when he entered pooja room and touched Sane Kallu Kept there. He then immediately shouted telling every one that when i touched this Sane Kallu i lost my eye sight and then he could not move an inch from there. This incidence happened when Mrs. Lakshmi Devi who is a member of Dasara Family was there in home and had witnessed this entire incidence.


At 2:02 AM, Blogger Radhika said...

Thanks for the valuable infromation. I apapreciate your work.

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Thanks for the information. I am inspired to visit Chikkabadari.

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hi, girianna thanks for this precious information,

At 2:30 AM, Blogger rekha said...

we would be happy, if u could provide information about current ans future events also.

At 4:44 AM, Blogger GURURAJ said...

Very good work is done. I am working in Raichur close Manvi and Chikalaparavi. I am ready to help those who want visit Chikalaparavi.

Gururaj Acharya Padmanabi

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great photos

great review of chikalparvi

thanks for the noble service


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