Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vijaya Dasaru huttida Mane and Mohana dasara katte

In this home Sri vijaya Dasaru spent most of his life time.As mentioned earlier,we can find Saane Kallu and Sri Vijaya Dasa KaRaaRchita PraTime at this place for which pooja is performed annually and also on some special occasions. This home also happens to be the hub for conducting all the Adhyatmic activities regarding SuLaaDi ParaYana and EkaDashi JaaGarane and many religious events around Aradhane and any other similar events as such take place here. This place, over centuries and centuries has witnessed very much Chintana-Manthana about many of the DaaSa Sahitya related events.

The above Picture shows the Sri Vijaya Dasa KaRaaRchita PratimeGalu kept in his home...

It is usual custom not to say NO to any thing that is offered to the visitors when they visit this home as it is not a good custom to reject any thing offered from the home of vijaya DaSaru. People will at least drink water from this place and never go empty handed. In this regard, i am happy to mention that the treatment received by the visitors from this place is very pleasing and all the members of the family are very generous in helping people who come here to do sadhana during Aradhane and Jayanti.The place will be usually opened during Aradhane and Narasimha Jayanti and in other times people can take DarShana of Sane Kallu .

Mohana DasaRa Katte : Mohana Dasaru is The Saaku Maga of Sri Vijaya Dasaru and in the front of the house, there is one small place called Mohana Dasara Katte.It is on this place that the dead body of Sri Mohana Dasaru was kept and Sri Vijaya Dasaru brought his life Back by relieving the ApaMruTyu of Mohana Dasaru.So happy was Mohana DaSaru that he composed the populer song "TanDe VijaYa Rayaa,Nee VyaLekke BanDyo Vijaya Raaya"


At 2:48 AM, Blogger Pracheta said...

It was really nice to visit your blogspt on the auspicious day of Sri Vijayadasara Aradhane. I felt as if i was in Chikalaparvi while i was reading the contents of you blogspot. Keep up the good work!

At 4:48 AM, Blogger Prakash said...

Thanks for the Info about Sri Vijadasaru.


At 11:40 PM, Blogger paddy said...

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